July 25 2014
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'Serial killer' nabbed for murdering four women
NepalNEPAL - A notorious ‘serial killer’, accused of murdering women after robbing them of their valuables, has landed into police net, finally.

Gayendra Rai, 27, of Diktel Municipality-5, Bamrang is accused of looting four women in Khotang, Udayapur and Sunsari districts and subsequently smothering them to death to destroy evidences.

Police nabbed Rai, who targeted women, mostly aged, walking through secluded parts of the roads, from Triyuga-2 of Udayapur district on Saturday. He was paraded amidst a press conference at District Police Office on Wednesday.
Serial killer tried in cold-case rape, murder
Death penaltyA serial killer, already convicted of murdering two women, could be sentenced this week to die by lethal injection if a jury finds he shot a third woman dead in the summer of 1983.

Larry Lamont White, 56, is accused of raping Pamela Denise Armstrong, a 22-year-old mother of five, on June 4, 1983. Prosecutors say he shot her twice in the back of the head, then left her half-naked body in a western Louisville alley.

If the jury finds him guilty of murder, prosecutors will ask that they sentence him to death.
Limpopo's suspected serial killer nabbed
South AfricaPolokwane - A man linked to four murders and an assault in and around the University of Venda in Thohoyandou has been arrested, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old man was a student at the university, said provincial commissioner Lt-Gen Fannie Masemola. He was arrested around 7pm on Tuesday at a student accommodation house in Thohoyandou Unit C .

University cleaner Brenda Ndove, 45, was stabbed to death on Friday and her personal items stolen. Her body was found near the university's administration block.
For Sale - Serial killer's prison ID
Alfred GaynorA serial killer doing life for raping and strangling eight women from Springfield apparently got his official 2013 Department of Correction ID card into the hands of a “murderabilia” dealer, who is selling it online for $200. “I would think this would be frowned upon,” Andy Kahan of Texas, the nation’s pre-eminent anti-murderabilia crusader, said of what is purported to be Alfred Gaynor’s laminated ID, with an autograph dated just last week. The card is featured on the website SerialKillersInk.net.

Eric Holler of SerialKillersInk said in an email, “The item in question I obtained from a private collector. I have no idea nor do I care how that individual obtained the ID and if I did know I surely wouldn’t divulge that information as it is no one’s business except the parties involved in the transaction
Murder trial of ex-NFLer Hernandez set for January
Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez will be tried in January for the murder of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd last summer, a Massachusetts judge ruled on Tuesday.

Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh ruled at a hearing in Fall River District Court that the former NFL star's trial would begin on Jan. 9, according to a spokeswoman for Bristol County Superior Court.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the shooting death of Lloyd, whose body was found near Hernandez's home in North Attleborough in June 2013. He has also pled not guilty in Boston to separate charges of killing two men after an incident involving a spilled drink at a nightclub in 2012.
Trial date set in Colorado theater shooting case
James HolmesDefense attorneys in the Colorado theater shooting case are asking for more time before the trial to interview the psychiatrist and others involved in defendant James Holmes' first sanity evaluation.

They say they can't get that and other tasks finished by the Dec. 8 trial date, but Arapahoe County District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. was unmoved Tuesday and stuck by the date.

Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 2012 attack. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.
Manson's father-in-law-to-be speaks out
Charles MansonA dad whose daughter is marrying the notorious serial killer Charles Manson has told how he has finally come to accept it.

Phil Burton’s daughter Afton (26) told him she was marrying the infamous killer (79) after striking up a relationship with Manson in jail from her home in Illinois. She moved to be near him when she was 18 after she secretly began writing to him in his California jail cell.

Her father, Phil, reveals how the family feels about the relationship. “We have not, we are not going to and we never will, no matter what she does in her life, disown our daughter,” he explained.
Ex-boyfriend of 'Call Girl Killer' reveals details of "frantic" phone call
Alix TichelmanThe former boyfriend of the accused ‘Call Girl Killer’ Alix Tichelman today revealed she made a 'frantic' call to him on the night she allegedly killed a Google executive with a heroin overdose and said he fears she could have been planning to take his life shortly before she was arrested.

High-priced Tichelman contacted Chad Cornell wanting to see him one last time - just days before he was shocked to find out she had been arrested on July 4 over the death of married father-of-five Forrest Tim Hayes on his yacht moored in a harbor in Santa Cruz, California.

Cornell, a general contractor and heavy metal singer, said they had undergone a nasty breakup after a seven-month relationship, and he found it strange how she suddenly changed her tone toward him.
South Afircan "axeman" must be treated as a serial killer
Joseph NtshongwanaPretoria - If convicted, former Blue Bulls flanker and alleged axe-murderer Joseph Ntshongwana must be dealt with as a serial killer - a danger to society who could not be “fixed” because no one knew what triggered his alleged violent killing sprees.

This was the essence of Wednesday’s evidence by Professor Gerard Labuschagne, an expert on serial killers who also holds the rank of brigadier and is head of the police’s psychological investigations section.

He was testifying in the Durban High Court trial in which Ntshongwana is facing four murder charges - in which it is alleged he hacked off his victims’ heads with an axe which he hid in a disused dog kennel at his Yellowwood Park home - and two attempted murder and rape charges.
Confessed serial killer up for parole
Mark A. SmithBetty Portenlanger's heart breaks every three years. Every three years for the past 44 when she is faced with horrific details of her sister's murder, as the woman's killer asks a review board to grant his parole.

Every three years, Portenlanger relives the nightmare: The call in January 1970 that 27-year-old Jean Bianchi was missing. The three-day search throughout McHenry County. The details of her sister's final moments.

"It's horrendous to think that the earth opened up and swallowed someone you loved," said Portenlanger, of Chicago. "The whole ordeal, it's just unimaginable."
Attempt to dismiss serial killer's appeal fails
Reinaldo RiveraThe state’s initial assault on the final appeal filed by convicted serial killer Reinaldo Rivera has proved unsuccessful.

Attorneys at the Georgia attorney general’s office filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss Rivera’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Such a writ orders a person in custody to be brought before a court.

The attorneys contend that Rivera missed a one-year deadline to appeal the Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling that affirmed his 2004 conviction and death sentence, but the judge ruled that Rivera had not missed the deadline because an attorney filed a state habeas corpus petition for him even though Rivera wrote to the court that he was abandoning all appeals

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