July 23 2014
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News Categories
David Gore

Category: David Gore
Number of Items: 3
· A grandmother's letters to serial killer David Gore
· Memorial unveiled to remember Lynn Elliott, who was murdered by serial killer David Alan Gore
· Fla serial killer executed for girl's 1983 death
Manson Family

Category: Manson Family
Number of Items: 7
· Charles Manson 'admits bisexuality' as he opens up about his life ahead of third marriage
· LAPD granted access to Charles Manson recordings
· Manson to Manson - Charles writes to Marilyn
· Judge orders Manson Family tapes turned over to police
· Recordings may reveal new evidence in Manson murders
· SPECIAL REPORT: Notorious Serial Killer Has Roots In Ohio Valley, Childhood Friends Recall
· Charles Manson Is Not A Serial Killer, Experts Say
Oscar Ray Bolin

Category: Oscar Ray Bolin
Number of Items: 2
· Convicted serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin found guilty in death of Natalie Holley
· Serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin faces fourth trial in Natalie Holl
Peter Tobin

Category: Peter Tobin
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer Peter Tobin 'taken to hospital with chest pains'
· Serial killer Peter Tobin racks-up £15k bill for fake illnesses
Anders Breivik

Category: Anders Breivik
Number of Items: 7
· Norway killer Breivik fails to start fascist organization
· Murderer Breivik gushes to German ‘Nazi killer’
· Interviewing Norwegian gunman Breivik was 'like meeting serial killer Hannibal Lecter'
· Anders Behring Breivik 'drugged' throughout Norway massacre
· Norway prison seeks 'friends' to play hockey, chess with mass killer Breivik
· Norwegian killer, Breivik says he was inspired by Al-Qaeda
· Anders Breivik admits massacre but pleads not guilty claiming it was self defence
Cold Case

Category: Cold Case
Number of Items: 21
· San Mateo County 1976 slayings linked to old Reno murder
· Tiffany Sessions Cold Case: Detectives identify serial killer as a suspect
· Quebec police believe serial killer behind 7 cold cases
· Cold-case murders of 4 females brought back to life by new images, DNA tests
· Police solve cold case; suspect may have been serial killer
· Dutch cold case team identifies possible prostitutes serial killer
· Omaha double murder linked to 2008 cold case?
· Florida requests exhumations at former boys' school
· Dog Could Help Solve Black Dahlia Case
· Etan Patz murder accused gave false confession, lawyer says
· More
Nirut Sonkhamhan

Category: Nirut Sonkhamhan
Number of Items: 2
· Tracking down the pickup driver killer
· Pickup truck serial killer's final victim is himself
Itzcoati Ocampo

Category: Itzcoati Ocampo
Number of Items: 3
· "It had to be done" said O.C. serial killer
· Lawyer: Homeless slayings suspect killed self with Ajax
· DA to seek death penalty for homeless serial killer

Category: Unsolved
Number of Items: 13
· Police clueless about a serial killer of young girls
· Link to 2011 Murders Tsarnaevs Being Investigated for 3 Murders
· Men band together against suspected serial killer
· Search warrant in Oakland County Child Killer
· Alleged Detroit gangster says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried
· Third Bergen County Murder Brings Specter of Serial Killer
· Will Suffolk Police Accept FBI Help with LISK Case?
· ARCHIVE NEWS - DNA testing sheds new light on O.N.S. Case
· Worthy: Probe of Oakland County child killer hindered
· Bremerton's person of interest under surveillance | Case against 'serial killer' still too thin for charges
· More
Joseph Naso

Category: Joseph Naso
Number of Items: 20
· Prosecutors win award for case against Bay Area serial killer Joseph Naso
· Serial Killer Joseph Naso Gets Death Sentence
· Joseph Naso claims he is "being wronged"
· Marin prosecutors bring up possible 6th Naso victim
· Jury Finds Accused "Alphabet Murders" Serial Killer Joseph Naso Guilty of Killing 4 Women
· 'Alphabet murders' serial killer suspect makes own closing argument
· Prosecutor closes serial killer case by quoting the accused
· Joseph Naso presents case to Marin jury as trial nears end
· Alleged serial killer on trial linked to skull found in Nevada County
· Accused California serial killer cross-examines 1961 rape accuser
· More
Camille Cleroux

Category: Camille Cleroux
Number of Items: 2
· Ottawa serial killer gets life sentence for 3 murders
· Human remains possibly linked to serial killer case
Wesley Shermantine

Category: Wesley Shermantine
Number of Items: 11
· FBI scouring for more 'Speed Freak' victims
· Mother says long-missing daughter may be victim of "Speed Freak" killers
· More 'Speed Freak Killers' Victims Found
· Authorities seek to ID remains that may be victims of serial killers
· Serial killer hints of 14 Cow Mountain victims
· ‘Speed-Freak Killer’ Wesley Shermantine to Help Police Find Victims
· Shermantine could be temporarily released immediately
· New bill temporarily releases killer from death row to help investigators
· Sacramento mayoral candidate Leonard Padillatouts endorsement from serial killer
· Serial killer draws new map leading to other possible burial sites
· More
Gary Hiltin

Category: Gary Hiltin
Number of Items: 3
· Serial killer gets life sentence in N.C. slayings
· Death sentence upheld for serial killer
· Convicted serial killer pleads guilty to October 2007 murder of Skaneateles couple: Neighbors West Today
Jotan Van  der Sloot

Category: Jotan Van der Sloot
Number of Items: 6
· Joran van der Sloot ties the knot in Peru prison
· Dutch killer Van der Sloot sets date for prison wedding
· Peru lawyer: jailed Van der Sloot to be a father
· Peru: Van der Sloot to be extradited to US in 2038
· Report: Joran van der Sloot to become a father behind bars
· Peru approves first step toward extradition of Joran van der Sloot
One Goh

Category: One Goh
Number of Items: 1
· Oakland college shooting suspect not eating in jail, saying he feels 'shame'
Bruce Mendenhall

Category: Bruce Mendenhall
Number of Items: 2
· Trial of suspected serial killer delayed
· New trial date set for suspected serial killer Bruce Mendenhall
Anthony Sowell

Category: Anthony Sowell
Number of Items: 9
· Memorial to Anthony Sowell victims delayed
· Did Cleveland police mishandle the Anthony Sowell case?
· Serial killer victims’ relatives view Cleveland memorial ideas
· Anthony Sowell's attorneys dispute prosecutors' claims that serial killer got fair trial
· Sowell's aftermath continues to stoke fears
· "Serial killer Anthony Sowell was given a fair trial"
· Sowell's artwork creates controversy
· Site of Ohio serial slayings could become memorial
· Clevelanders want Imperial Avenue name changed
Moor's murders

Category: Moor's murders
Number of Items: 6
· Hospital where Ian Brady is held allows patients to view brutal DVDs
· Moors Murderer Ian Brady Launches Fresh Death Wish
· Book by serial killer may contain clue
· Moors murderer 'reveals location of body'
· Public hearing postponed for British serial killer Ian Brady
· Greater Manchester serial killers: The Moors Murders

Category: Murder
Number of Items: 49
· Girl discloses details of Colorado triple slaying
· Suspect in Kansas shootings faces murder charges
· 3 dead after suburban Kansas City shooting
· Killer from '60s seeks release from psych center
· 4 dead, including shooter, at Fort Hood
· Body found in Louisiana lake, police rule it suspicious as serial killer investigation continues
· The Elkhart shooting killer a fan of SKC, ICP, NRA and GOD (?)
· Two men accused of helping Peterborough serial killer to stand trial today
· DA fights to keep baby-killing nurse behind bars
· Derby serial killer could have life term reviewed
· More
Harold Shipman

Category: Harold Shipman
Number of Items: 2
· Human remains from serial killer’s victims secretly destroyed by police
· Greater Manchester Serial Killers: Harold Shipman, Doctor Death
Robert Pickton

Category: Robert Pickton
Number of Items: 6
· Serial killer Robert Pickton opposes granting victims families relief in lawsuits
· Police should have caught serial killer Robert Pickton by 1998, lawyer tells inquiry
· RCMP didn't see Pickton as serial killer, allowed file to lay dormant for months
· Missing Women Commission of Inquiry - Vancouver
· Ex-cop alleges police brass ignored serial killer theory
· Officers felt serial killer warnings would have no added benefit, inquiry hears
Timothy Krajcir

Category: Timothy Krajcir
Number of Items: 2
· Convicted serial killer sentenced again in Paducah
· Serial killer Krajcir faces new charges in Ky.

Category: Gun
Number of Items: 9
· The First Modern School Shooter Feels Responsible for the Rest
· Teen arrested in New Mexico shooting - 5 dead include a pastor and 3 children
· Gunman's neighbor arrested in connection with firefighter ambush
· Shooter who ambushed firefighters left note showing intent to burn, kill
· White House considers responses to Connecticut shooting
· Update: Elementary school massacre: 27 killed, including 20 kids, at Connecticut school
· Elementary school massacre: 26 dead, including 18 kids, in Connecticut
· Mark Chapman denied parole for 7th time
· Under fire: Wartime stress as a defense for murder
Elias Abuelazam

Category: Elias Abuelazam
Number of Items: 11
· Flint serial killer Elias Abuelazam has Friday court hearing
· Burton police detectives receive award for help in tracking down convicted serial killer Elias Abuelazam
· Prosecutor undecided on more trials for convicted killer Elias Abuelazam
· Family of Arnold Minor shed tears of sadness, joy as guilty verdict comes down on suspected serial stabber Elias Abuelazam; prosecution pleased
· Attorneys lay out cases in closing arguments in suspected serial killer Elias Abuelazam trial
· Psychiatrist hired by defense attorney says suspected serial killer Elias Abuelazam suffered from paranoid schizophrenia
· Cell phone locator shows alleged serial killer Elias Abuelazam was in the area of Arnold Minor slaying
· Victims who survived attacks testify in trial of accused serial killer Elias Abuelazam
· Uncle of accused serial killer Elias Abuelazam testifies he bought nephew a ticket to Israel
· Woman who called in key tip leading to accused Flint serial killer Elias Abuelazam testifies on first day of trial
· More
Dale Hausner

Category: Dale Hausner
Number of Items: 11
· Arizona Corrections find that Dale Hausner committed suicide with hoarded antidepressants
· Arizona serial killer saved pills before suicide
· Death of Arizona serial killer ruled a suicide
· Hausner autopsy shows no sign of trauma
· Dale Hausner's autopsy results "pending"
· Phoenix serial killer dies in prison
· Dane Hausner's competency hearing delayed
· Arizona serial killer wants media kept from hearing
· Arizona serial killer seeking to speed execution says appearing in court too stressful
· Phoenix serial killer waives death sentence appeals
· More
Paul Denyer

Category: Paul Denyer
Number of Items: 4
· Handwriting analysis gives insight into mind of Paul Denyer
· Serial killer Paul Denyer refuses prison order to give up his dresses
· Serial killer Paul Denyer quizzed on four jail rapes in just six weeks
· Cross-dressing serial killer accused of jail rape
David Berkowitz

Category: David Berkowitz
Number of Items: 2
· Son of Sam speaks out against gun violence
· 1970s Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz denied parole in NY for the 6th time
James David Martin

Category: James David Martin
Number of Items: 1
· 14 Years in an Unmarked Grave, and Finally a Break in the Case
Jack The Ripper

Category: Jack The Ripper
Number of Items: 7
· Yet another Ripper theory
· Jack the Ripper, the world's first known serial killer
· Was Chicago serial killer H.H.Holmes also Jack the Ripper?
· Ripper suspect lies in Toowong grave
· Experts point to new 'Jack the Ripper' suspect
· The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper?
· Jack The Ripper, A Woman?
The Zodiac Killer

Category: The Zodiac Killer
Number of Items: 2
· Has the Code of the Zodiac Killer Been Cracked?
· ZODIAC STILL ALIVE: Book claims serial killer is 91 and living i
Joshua Komisarjevsky

Category: Joshua Komisarjevsky
Number of Items: 1
· "No Nightmares And No Remorse" For Home Invasion Killer
Serial Killers

Category: Serial Killers
Number of Items: 91
· Model, prostitute and serial killer?
· Assault of Central Park jogger was the act of serial killer
· Serial killer Alfredo Prieto is still claiming he’s intellectually disabled.
· Killer's parole review prompts call for change in law David Brooks will come up for his 19th parole review in fall
· Clayton Bo Eichler charged with first-degree murder in deaths of two Regina women
· Suspected Clark County serial killer denied release
· Father of accused O.C. serial killer 'devastated' by charges
· Man arrested on a gun charge 'could be serial killer behind three Virginia murders'
· Murders Prompt Fears of a Serial Killer in Washington D.C. Suburbs
· Sole survivor of a serial killer Paul Rowles tells horrifying tale
· More
Jeffrfey Dahmer

Category: Jeffrfey Dahmer
Number of Items: 3
· Dahmer's childhood home on the market again
· Dahmer's Childhood Home for Sale
· Serial Killer Was His Classmate
Thabang Mohorosi

Category: Thabang Mohorosi
Number of Items: 1
· Judge lets rip at serial killer

Category: Death
Number of Items: 10
· Vengeful note left in 2 boys' murder
· Serial killer dies at Montana State Prison
· Serial killer Joseph Franklin executed after hours of delay
· The last meal: Florida $40, Oklahoma $15, Texas $0
· Tuesday execution scheduled for serial killer/rapist Marshall Gore
· Stay of execution with just 30 minutes to spare
· Elroy Chester executed for 1998 Port Arthur killing spree
· Toronto torso identified
· Ailing 'Black Panther' serial killer Donald Neilson wanted to die, inquest hears
· Serial killer who pledged to rape and murder one woman a week dies at 69

Category: Unabomber
Number of Items: 1
· Harvard apologizes after Unabomber gets entry in 50th reunion book
T. J. Lane

Category: T. J. Lane
Number of Items: 7
· Settlement reached for 3 killed in school shooting
· Life sentence upheld in fatal Ohio school shooting
· Ohio school shooting gunman appeals life sentence
· Ohio school shooter shows contempt, no remorse during sentencing
· Chardon High School shooter pleads guilty
· Ohio school shooting suspect to appear in court
· Ohio school shooting suspect to be tried as an adult
Ted Bundy

Category: Ted Bundy
Number of Items: 2
· In Big Bear, echoes of serial killer Ted Bundy in Aspen
· Ted Bundy killed more than 100 people, lawyer says
Loujack Café

Category: Loujack Café
Number of Items: 2
· Accused serial killer attacks prison guard
· Alleged serial killer never said a word as he attacked woman on sidewalk
Joseph Nissensohn

Category: Joseph Nissensohn
Number of Items: 1
· Case against accused serial killer Joseph Nissensohn languishes
Angel Guridy-Cabral

Category: Angel Guridy-Cabral
Number of Items: 2
· Accused serial killer Angel Guridy-Cabral pleads not guilty in 1993 slashing death of girlfriend
· Suspected serial killer to face Bronx slay rap

Category: Cannibal
Number of Items: 12
· The gruesome case of Pakistan's first cannibal serial killer
· Pakistani cannibal brothers ate 100 corpses
· German policeman linked to cannibalism
· Massachusetts man plotted to kill and eat children, feds say
· China: Serial killer Zhang Yongming given death sentence for killing 11 people
· No ‘bath salts,’ found in Miami face-eating killer’s system
· Cannibalism Trend Can Feed On Itself, Experts Say
· Records: Cannibal suspect released from jail days before alleged killing
· Maryland Man Ate Victim's Heart
· Miami Face-Eating Attack Lasted 18 Agonizing Minutes
· More

Category: Crazy
Number of Items: 4
· Louisiana author claims in book Zodiac killer is his father
· Serial killer fails to return to Genoa prison
· Hotel with corpse in water tank has notorious past
· 'Angel of death' transferred to less restrictive facility
Robert Foust

Category: Robert Foust
Number of Items: 1
· Suspected serial killer charged in Alamance Co.
Gary Ridgway

Category: Gary Ridgway
Number of Items: 2
· It's not 48, it's 85 - and I'll show you where to find more - Ridgway
· Entrepreneur starting Green River Killer sightseeing tour
Luke Magnotta

Category: Luke Magnotta
Number of Items: 7
· Ron Jeremy recruited for sting on Luka Magnotta
· Canadian Police: Human Head Is Slain Chinese Student's
· Suspect in Canada dismemberment killing extradited
· Did Accused Canadian Cannibal Luka Magnotta Strike in Hollywood?
· Luka Magnotta 'Fears For His Safety' In Berlin Prison
· Body Parts Sent To Vancouver Schools
· Luka Magnotta Arrested In Berlin
Irina Gaidamachuk

Category: Irina Gaidamachuk
Number of Items: 1
· Russian serial killer Irina Gaidamachuk jailed

Category: Murderabilia
Number of Items: 5
· Help make a serial killer flick?
· Would You Buy Art Created by a Serial Killer?
· OJ Simpson 'kept the knife he used to kill his wife Nicole and f
· Macabre site selling serial killer’s letters
· Websites selling Johnson County serial killer’s personal items
Kimberlt Saenz

Category: Kimberlt Saenz
Number of Items: 1
· E! airing documented on convicted serial killer
Rodney Alcala

Category: Rodney Alcala
Number of Items: 6
· Rodney Alcala's secret photos are released - police seeking identifications
· Convicted serial killer Secret Photos Have Been Released
· Alcala gets prison for NYC slayings
· Rodney Alcala
· 'Dating Game' Serial Killer Faces a Judge
· Cross-country tour for serial killer
Steve Wright

Category: Steve Wright
Number of Items: 1
· Ipswich: Serial killer Steve Wright linked to more killings by ‘new evidence’
Highway of Tears - vertical pic

Category: Highway of Tears - vertical pic
Number of Items: 3
· Suspected serial killer murdered B.C. teen
· 'Highway of Tears': Unsolved Murders of Indigenous Women in Canada
· Highway to hell: Serial killer being hunted after FORTY young women vanish on same remote road in 30 years
Ronald Dominique

Category: Ronald Dominique
Number of Items: 1
· Alleged serial killer to admit killing eight
Harvey Robinson

Category: Harvey Robinson
Number of Items: 5
· Allentown serial killer's death penalty verdict upheld
· Lehigh Valley serial killer gives up appeal
· Newsmaker Q&A: Denise Sam-Cali
· Decades later, serial killer inflicting pain, costs
· Serial killer's death sentence upheld
Michael Hughes

Category: Michael Hughes
Number of Items: 1
· South Los Angeles serial killer Michael Hughes sentenced to death
Shawm Lamb

Category: Shawm Lamb
Number of Items: 12
· Preliminary hearings bypassed in alleged serial killer cases
· Video court appearance for accused serial killer on new charge
· Alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb facing new charge
· Alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb contacts victim's family
· "I have no involvement" says accused from jail
· Alleged serial killer tip line closed by Winnipeg police
· Police to search Winnipeg dump for body of Tanya Nepinak
· Cops to probe alleged killer's background
· Body linked to accused serial killer may be in dump
· Alleged serial killer case prompts tip line
· More
Nidal Hasan

Category: Nidal Hasan
Number of Items: 21
· Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan forcibly shaved in prison
· Nidal Hasan sentenced to death for Fort Hood shooting rampage
· Hasan found guilty of premeditated murder in 2009 Fort Hood rampage
· Jury begins deliberations in Fort Hood shooting case
· Prosecution rests case against Nidal Hasan in Fort Hood case
· Judge in Nidal Hasan court-martial bans al Qaeda-linked e-mail, other evidence
· As Hasan trial starts, Fort Hood victims feel betrayed
· Nidal Hasan's attorneys still trying to leave case
· Nidal Hasan hopes for death sentence, lawyers say
· 'I am the shooter,' Hasan tells Fort Hood court-martial
· More
Reinaldo Rivera

Category: Reinaldo Rivera
Number of Items: 2
· Attempt to dismiss serial killer's appeal fails
· Courts deliberate mental competency of serial killer Reinaldo Rivera
Thomas Noffsinger

Category: Thomas Noffsinger
Number of Items: 1
· Is convicted murderer Thomas Noffsinger a serial killer?
Silvio Mangion

Category: Silvio Mangion
Number of Items: 1
· ‘Serial killer’ fit to stand trial – jury
Tommy Lynn Sells

Category: Tommy Lynn Sells
Number of Items: 5
· "Tommy Lynn Sells has been executed, but he still haunts my memories."
· Texas Executes Killer Tommy Lynn Sells After Failed Appeal
· US-Mexico-execution-justice !! US serial killer set to die after court reverse
· Execution Date Scheduled for Tommy Lynn Sells
· Serial Killer Denied Habeas Corpus Relief
Verry Idham Henyansyah

Category: Verry Idham Henyansyah
Number of Items: 1
· Serial Killer Ryan to Seek Presidential Clemency
James Holmes

Category: James Holmes
Number of Items: 43
· Doctor wants to videotape Holmes for better record
· Lawyers for Colorado theater gunman oppose videotaping sanity exam
· Prosecutors: James Holmes Defense Misleading Victims
· Holmes jury selection to be open to public, media
· Colorado judge rebuffs death penalty challenges in theater massacre case
· Attorneys in Holmes case to discuss jury selection
· Colorado judge defers on bid to move trial of accused theater gunman
· Colorado prosecutors oppose moving theater massacre trial
· James Holmes' attorneys appeal sanity exam order
· Colorado theater gunman loses latest round in court
· More
Robert Hansen

Category: Robert Hansen
Number of Items: 3
· 'Butcher, Baker' serial killer Hansen moved to Anchorage
· Film on Alaska serial killer Hansen due in theaters Aug. 23
· Grisly legacy of 'Eklutna Annie,' first victim of serial killer Robert Hanson
Henry Lee Jones

Category: Henry Lee Jones
Number of Items: 3
· Serial killer receives third death sentence
· Trial of suspected serial killer could go to Brevard Co. jury next week
· Serial killer's trial moved to Viera for security reasons
Jeffery Paul Cutlip

Category: Jeffery Paul Cutlip
Number of Items: 4
· Jeffrey Cutlip sentenced to life in Oregon prison
· Detectives release new details in case against accused serial killer Jeffrey Cutlip
· Confessed serial killer charged
· Serial killer’s confession shuts Portland cold cases
Eddie Mosley

Category: Eddie Mosley
Number of Items: 1
· Decades on, kin of serial killer's victims after wrongful arrest want answers
Russell Williams

Category: Russell Williams
Number of Items: 1
· Canadian Network Nixes Russell Williams Movie
Randy Kraft

Category: Randy Kraft
Number of Items: 1
· ARCHIVE NEWS - Randy Kraft's Scorecard
Marc Dutroux

Category: Marc Dutroux
Number of Items: 5
· Release my son and he will start again, serial child-killer Marc Dutroux's mother warns
· Child serial killer seeks release
· Clashes at Belgium nunnery over child killer's ex-wife
· Belgium frees serial killer Dutroux accomplice into convent
· Belgian pedophile killer's wife paroled to convent
Donald Gaskins

Category: Donald Gaskins
Number of Items: 1
Cyanide Mallika

Category: Cyanide Mallika
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer Mallika's death sentence reduced to life
Larry D. Hubbard

Category: Larry D. Hubbard
Number of Items: 1
· Los Angeles Police Pin Old Murders of Three Women on Dead Serial Killer
Jared Loughner

Category: Jared Loughner
Number of Items: 4
· New details: Loughner's parents took gun, disabled car to keep him home
· Tucson shooter sentenced to life after Giffords, other victims confront him
· Loughner pleads guilty to 19 counts in Tucson, Arizona, mass shooting
· Jared Lee Loughner wants to plead guilty in Gabrielle Giffords attack, sources say
Wade Michael Page

Category: Wade Michael Page
Number of Items: 3
· Officer arriving at Sikh temple shooting: 'Time to use deadly force'
· Wisconsin gunman's Army base had white supremacists
· Sikh temple shooting suspect Wade Michael Page was white supremacist
Israel Keyes

Category: Israel Keyes
Number of Items: 14
· A son's torment: Believing a serial killer strangled his mother
· Tips yield info on serial killer who said he left 5 dead in Washington
· More details emerge of Israel Keyes suicide
· Israel Keyes taunts the FBI from beyond the grave
· Serial killer linked to Alaska barista's death murdered at least 10 others, FBI alleges
· Serial killer Israel Keyes left mark in Dallas area, but to what degree?
· Serial killer Israel Keyes was mistakenly given a razor blade
· Israel Keyes had his sights set on Georgia
· Alaskan officials tight-lipped on serial killer's suicide
· Trying to unlock secrets of dead serial killer
· More
Ryland Shane Absalon

Category: Ryland Shane Absalon
Number of Items: 1
· Trial Begins in 1984 Stabbing Death
John Wayne Gacy

Category: John Wayne Gacy
Number of Items: 12
· Supposed Gacy victim found alive and well in Montana
· Test revives mystery of Gacy's 14th victim
· Search for John Wayne Gacy victims solves decades-old missing person case
· Latest search for Gacy victims comes up empty
· Is serial killer linked to Oakland Co. Child Killer Case?
· Is the Oakland County Child Killer connected to John Wayne Gacy?
· Sheriff eyes possible Gacy connection to Michigan cold case
· Detectives to search for more Gacy victims
· Gacy nephew gets 24 years for child sex assault
· Remains of Gacy victim misidentified
· More
Peter Moore

Category: Peter Moore
Number of Items: 4
· Serial Killer Peter Moore told his life sentence breaches human rights
· Killer battles Human Rights Court over “whole-life” jail terms
· Flintshire serial killer Peter Moore takes freedom fight to Strasbourg
· UK's 'Man in Black' appeals life sentence
Dayton Leroy Rogers

Category: Dayton Leroy Rogers
Number of Items: 2
· Resentencing ordered for serial killer Dayton Leroy Rogers
· Death Sentence Vacated for Serial Killer
William Scott Smith

Category: William Scott Smith
Number of Items: 1
· Ore. serial killer confesses to 1981 Salem cold case murder
Nathan Burkett

Category: Nathan Burkett
Number of Items: 2
· Death penalty committee meets
· Police: Serial killer suspect to face another murder charge
Nicholas Sheley

Category: Nicholas Sheley
Number of Items: 3
· Man Who Went on Killing Spree Convicted in Quadruple Murder
· Nicholas Sheley - one guilty verdict, six more homicide charges pending
· Illinois to trial courtroom cameras at Nicholas Sheley trial
Peter Dupas

Category: Peter Dupas
Number of Items: 2
· Serial Killer Dupas Fails to Have TV Episodes Banned
· Serial killer Peter Dupas seeks gag on TV show
Lonnie Franklin - The Grim Sleeper

Category: Lonnie Franklin - The Grim Sleeper
Number of Items: 3
· Lawyers for accused serial killer seek to block evidence
· "Grim Sleeper" Lonnie Franklin to get the cable tv treatment
· LAPD hopes to ID women photographed by ‘Grim Sleeper’
Lyda Southard

Category: Lyda Southard
Number of Items: 1
· Hidden History: Bringing Serial Killer Lyda Southard to Justice
Lee Boyd Malvo

Category: Lee Boyd Malvo
Number of Items: 1
· Is a Serial Killer Preying on Pregnant Women for the D.C. Sniper?
Robert Bales

Category: Robert Bales
Number of Items: 3
· Robert Bales sentenced to life without parole in Afghan slayings; it's not enough for victims' families
· Army sergeant admits to 'horrible' Afghan rampage
· Prelim hearing in Afghan massacre case ends
Derrick Todd Lee

Category: Derrick Todd Lee
Number of Items: 1
· Killer's request for lab exam of evidence is rejected
Peter Sutcliffe

Category: Peter Sutcliffe
Number of Items: 1
· I asked Peter to give girlfriend lift so Ripper wouldn’t get her
Glen Rogers

Category: Glen Rogers
Number of Items: 4
· Serial killer Glen Rogers wants credit for Nicole Brown Simpson murder
· New 'Cross Country Killer' victim?
· Serial killer has confessed to Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldman murders, doco claims
· Serial Killer Glen Rogers Butchered Nicole Simpson?
Salvatore Perrone

Category: Salvatore Perrone
Number of Items: 10
· 'Son of Sal' Salvatore Perrone files long, bizarre list of witnesses
· Accused serial killer “Son of Sal” can represent self at trial
· Accused Staten Island serial killer Salvatore Perrone: Video will clear me in one case
· Triple-slay ‘sane’ ruling
· Shopkeeper serial killer suspect has courtroom outburst
· .Salvatore Perrone, alleged NYC serial killer, indicted
· Salvatore Perrone, Alleged Brooklyn Serial Killer, Believed He Was Hitman For Italian Spy Agency
· Inside the sick mind of 'Son of Sal' serial killer suspect Salvatore Perrone
· Arrest made in NYC murders
· Is this the Brooklyn 8 serial killer? Surveillance pics released
Larry Murphy

Category: Larry Murphy
Number of Items: 2
· Dublin Mountains could harbour the secrets of a serial killer
· Serial killer suspect Murphy teams up with double rapist
Paul Steven Haigh

Category: Paul Steven Haigh
Number of Items: 2
· Paul Steven Haigh refused minimum term for 6 murders
· Paul Steven Haigh "No Longer A Monster"
Lucius Crawford

Category: Lucius Crawford
Number of Items: 4
· Lucius Crawford ruled fit to stand trial
· Lucius Crawford pleads not guilty
· Defense questions serial killer suspect's admissions
· Potential NY Serial Killer Caught Hiding Dead Body in Bed
Michael Carneal

Category: Michael Carneal
Number of Items: 2
· Kentucky school shooter loses bid to withdraw plea
· School shooter seeks to take back guilty plea
Charles Cullen

Category: Charles Cullen
Number of Items: 2
· "Angel of Death" Charles Cullen talks to 60 Minutes
· St. Luke's settles five cases involving serial killer nurse
Manuel Pardo

Category: Manuel Pardo
Number of Items: 2
· Did Manuel Pardo inspire the Dexter character?
· Cop who became a serial killer is executed
Cody Legebokoff

Category: Cody Legebokoff
Number of Items: 4
· Weapons found in alleged B.C. serial killer's home had blood on them
· 'Worst-case scenario': Trial hears about arrest of alleged serial killer in B.C.
· Trial of accused BC serial killer has started
· Accused B.C. serial killer Legebokoff to go to trial in nine months
Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta

Category: Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta
Number of Items: 1
· Mexican serial killer sentenced to 240 years in jail
Guy Turcotte

Category: Guy Turcotte
Number of Items: 1
· Outrage as doc who killed his kids is set free
Long Island Serial Killer

Category: Long Island Serial Killer
Number of Items: 1
· 2 Years later the Long Island sk is still on the loose

Category: Stabbing
Number of Items: 2
· Colchester stabbing murders "could be linked"
· China school hit by knife attack
Adam Lanza (2005)

Category: Adam Lanza (2005)
Number of Items: 10
· Father of Sandy Hook Killer: 'You Can't Get Any More Evil'
· Newtown gunman's father cooperates with Conn. official
· Despite files, Conn. school shooter remains enigma
· Police file on Newtown shooting to be released Friday
· Court asked to block release of Newtown 911 tapes
· Details emerge on Sandy Hook shooting, Lanza's belongings
· Report: Sandy Hook shooter tried to emulate Norway massacre
· Adam Lanza's body claimed by father for burial
· Looking for clues: Researchers to study Lanza's DNA
· Gunman Adam Lanza recalled as "intelligent and shy"
Robert "Willie" Pickton

Category: Robert "Willie" Pickton
Number of Items: 5
· Serial killer Robert Pickton makes video appearance in civil case
· Robert Pickton’s brother denies all knowledge of serial killer’s crimes
· Families of Pickton victims are suing
· Some details of damning findings from the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
· Canadian serial killer inquiry finds "systemic bias" by police
Joseph Duncan

Category: Joseph Duncan
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer Joseph Duncan returns to Boise for competency hearing
· Joseph Duncan's competency appeal nears
Joseph Duncan 2

Category: Joseph Duncan 2
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer Duncan found competent by federal judge
Miyoko Sumida

Category: Miyoko Sumida
Number of Items: 1
· Japanese granny arrested as a suspected serial killer
Richard Hickock and Perry Smith

Category: Richard Hickock and Perry Smith
Number of Items: 1
· Kansas exhumes bodies of 'In Cold Blood' killers
Peter Dupas (recent)

Category: Peter Dupas (recent)
Number of Items: 2
· Peter Dupas could face another murder charge
· Peter Dupas loses murder appeal
Matthew L. Alder

Category: Matthew L. Alder
Number of Items: 1
· Is Matthew Alder a serial killer? DNA testing underway
Joseph Christopher

Category: Joseph Christopher
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Surinder Koli

Category: Surinder Koli
Number of Items: 1
· Surender Koli gets death penalty for the fifth time
Sammie Chavez

Category: Sammie Chavez
Number of Items: 1
· School plot arrest after police search house
Detroit body parts

Category: Detroit body parts
Number of Items: 1
· Mystery of human remains intensifies
Walter Ellis

Category: Walter Ellis
Number of Items: 3
· Milwaukee serial killer dies in South Dakota
· Court passes on Milwaukee serial killer's appeal
· Convicted serial killer appeals to high court

Category: Dismemberment
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer Chandrakant Jha ate dinner in the same room where his victims lay dead
· Fears of a serial killer as cubes of human flesh are found in Detroit
Gilgo Beach

Category: Gilgo Beach
Number of Items: 2
· Nassau remains may be linked to Gilgo Beach murders
· NY pimp linked to serial killer victim sentenced
Crimes against children - international

Category: Crimes against children - international
Number of Items: 7
· A gun, a teddy bear, a condom - and a torture chamber
· Thai man confesses to serial murder of 11 children
· Diepsloot: Serial killer fears
· Serial killer admits 1990 Sunderland schoolboy killing but denies murder
· New trial ruled out in Bowraville child murders
· Texts circulating warn of serial killer who preys on kids
· Is arrested cabbie the SoBo serial killer?
Crimes against children - USA

Category: Crimes against children - USA
Number of Items: 5
· Jones to become first serial killer to be legally released
· Vehicle with possible connection to OCCK is found
· Suspected child serial killer set for early release
· Pedophile puppeteer sentenced to 20 years
· Teens accused in Brunswick baby-shooting appear in court
Mahanand Naik

Category: Mahanand Naik
Number of Items: 2
· High Court acquits alleged serial killer of 18 women in Goa
· Serial killer threatens his rape victim from jail
Samuel Little

Category: Samuel Little
Number of Items: 5
· samuel Little - possible link to Florida cold cases
· More cases connected to L.A. serial killer suspect
· Police search cold cases for links to suspected serial killer
· Suspected serial killer linked to at least one cold case
· Suspected Serial Killer Charged In Los Angeles
Louise Bundy

Category: Louise Bundy
Number of Items: 1
· Ted Bundy's mother dies in Washington
Zhang Yongming

Category: Zhang Yongming
Number of Items: 1
· Cannibal serial killer executed in Yunnan
Giuseppe Raeli

Category: Giuseppe Raeli
Number of Items: 1
· Bad debtors fall victim to Italian serial killer
Zhou Kehua

Category: Zhou Kehua
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer's lover gets 5 years for harbouring him
· Girlfriend of 'Harvard' serial killer on trial
Robert Black

Category: Robert Black
Number of Items: 1
· Robert Black claims his past was "wrongly exposed"
Zhang Guiying

Category: Zhang Guiying
Number of Items: 1
· Dead serial killer's girlfriend on trial
Joshua Miner

Category: Joshua Miner
Number of Items: 1
· Accused murderer's ex on Facebook, "I dated a serial killer!"
Johannes de Jager

Category: Johannes de Jager
Number of Items: 1
· “Butcher of Kraaifontein” may be linked to other murders
Coral Eugene Watts

Category: Coral Eugene Watts
Number of Items: 1
· Inside the mind of Coral Eugene Watts
Chandrakant Jha

Category: Chandrakant Jha
Number of Items: 4
· Living with a serial killer: wife of Chandrakant Jha speaks out
· Serial killer gets death penalty in second murder case
· Delhi serial killer sentenced to "life until death"
· Killer who dumped headless bodies is convicted
Paul Dennis Reid

Category: Paul Dennis Reid
Number of Items: 1
· Supreme Court weighs in on 1997 serial killer case
JonBenet Ramsey

Category: JonBenet Ramsey
Number of Items: 4
· Newly unsealed documents show 1999 grand jury had enough evidence to indict Ramsey parents
· JonBenet Ramsey grand jury voted to indict parents
· JonBenet Ramsey's parents reportedly indicted, but DA refused to
· JonBenet grand jury vindicates case's lead detective
Sture Bergwall

Category: Sture Bergwall
Number of Items: 5
· Swedish 'serial killer' Sture Bergwall released
· Cleared Swedish serial killer hopes for release
· Swedish 'serial killer' has two more murders dropped
· Sweden retrial for 'serial killer' Sture Bergwall
· Swedish 'serial killer' says he's a liar

Category: DNA
Number of Items: 4
· DNA Ties murders to suspected serial killer
· DNA test ties Albert DeSalvo to Boston Strangler victim
· DNA Links DeSalvo to Boston Strangler Victim
· Dead man talking: The hunt for long-gone serial killers

Category: DNA2
Number of Items: 1
· Crime labs help identify Utah serial killer
Manson Family

Category: Manson Family
Number of Items: 3
· Ex-Manson follower gets parole, but hurdles loom
· Gov. Brown nixes release of former Manson follower
· California Governor ponders parole for Manson follower
Bobby Joe Maxwell

Category: Bobby Joe Maxwell
Number of Items: 1
· Suspected "Skid Row Stabber" indicted in three slayings
Christopher Dorner

Category: Christopher Dorner
Number of Items: 3
· Christopher Dorner shootout: Body found in burned cabin
· Dorner manifesto name-checks Hollywood stars
· Rogue ex-cop is heavily armed, trained and out there
Terry Blair

Category: Terry Blair
Number of Items: 2
· Nephew of serial killer Terry Blair gets 2 life sentences
· Serial-killer's nephew becomes his family’s fifth convicted murd
Alvin Taylor

Category: Alvin Taylor
Number of Items: 3
· Serial killer could see release more than 25 years after 4 murders
· Jury sends serial killer back to Mendota
· Trial underway for serial killer seeking release from mental hospital
Derek Richardson

Category: Derek Richardson
Number of Items: 3
· "Aspiring serial killer" takes his own life
· "Serial killer in the making" is arrested
· Arrest made in killings of two women

Category: WM3
Number of Items: 14
· UCA unbending on Damien Echols despite objections
· One of the West Memphis Three, finds a home in Salem
· Day of loss recalled in West Memphis
· Prosecutor: No new evidence seen in 1993 case
· Donations Needed for Weaver Reading Grove Memorial Upgrades
· A very special day on his calendar
· Echols gets OK to appear with killer
· Judge rejects mom’s petition on WM3 evidence
· Jacoby urges judge to throw out unfound claims Read more: http:
· More
Paul Bernardo

Category: Paul Bernardo
Number of Items: 1
· Paul Bernardo to marry?
Russell Williams 2

Category: Russell Williams 2
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Russell Williams 3

Category: Russell Williams 3
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Russell & Paul

Category: Russell & Paul
Number of Items: 1
· Notorious serial killers being moved to Quebec prison
Mohan Kumar

Category: Mohan Kumar
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer of women sentenced to death
· Serial killer Cyanide Mohan who killed 20 unmarried girls in Karnataka
Mr and Mrs Ramirez

Category: Mr and Mrs Ramirez
Number of Items: 1
· A look inside the bizarre world of serial killer groupies

Category: psychology
Number of Items: 7
· Recipe for a serial killer
· Is serial killing an addiction?
· Ohio killer, rapist is assisting FBI analysts
· Serial killers: Can science control them?
· "I have the brain of a serial killer"
· Opinion: Unlocking crime using biological keys
· How does someone become a serial killer?
Donald Younge

Category: Donald Younge
Number of Items: 1
· Suspected serial killer seeking release
Levi Bellfield

Category: Levi Bellfield
Number of Items: 2
· Disappointment over payout to serial killer
· Bellfield in frame for Melanie Hall murder
Murderabilia 2

Category: Murderabilia 2
Number of Items: 3
· Plea to help get serial killer prison letters put on display
· Paul Duffy puts large 'murderabilia' collection on sale
· Dodge City man donates memorabilia to FBI serial killer museum
Kurt Myers

Category: Kurt Myers
Number of Items: 1
· Police in standoff with gunman after four people shot dead at barber shop, car wash in upstate NY
Ricdard Beasley

Category: Ricdard Beasley
Number of Items: 4
· Craigslist killer sentenced to death
· Akron jury recommends Death
· Jurors in craigslist killer case deliberating whether Richard Beasley lives or dies
· Man convicted of murder in Craigslist plot
Robert Yates

Category: Robert Yates
Number of Items: 3
· Serial killer Yates firmly on death row despite sentencing error
· Robert Yates Jr. seeks federal appeal of death sentence
· Spokane serial killer's death penalty appeal rejected
Mark Beebout

Category: Mark Beebout
Number of Items: 1
· Double murderer Mark Beebout called 'psychopath' and 'evil'
Keith Burns

Category: Keith Burns
Number of Items: 1
· Suspected Serial Killer Charged In 1989 Inkster Murder
Alexander Bychkov

Category: Alexander Bychkov
Number of Items: 1
· Russian serial killer who ate victims’ hearts sentenced to life
Felix Vail

Category: Felix Vail
Number of Items: 10
· Does skull found belong to wife of serial killer Felix Vail?
· Trial of suspected serial killer Felix Vail will feature testimony on missing women
· Felix Vail has something to say to “shrimpy, evil reporter”.
· Serial killer suspect Felix Vail pleads not guilty
· Starkville 1990 double homicide case reopened
· Suspected serial killer indicted for murder in '62 death
· Case of Starkville homicides reopened: Felix Vale's DNA to be compared
· Felix Vail wants taxpayers to foot his legal bill
· Vail collected on wife's life insurance, didn't pay for burial
· Serial killer suspect arrested after 50 years
Joel Rifkin

Category: Joel Rifkin
Number of Items: 1
· Head found in '89 is ID'd as Joel Rifkins's first victim
Angel of death

Category: Angel of death
Number of Items: 2
· French care worker poisoned patients to 'relieve suffering'
· Brazilian doctor may have 300+ victims
Catherine Birnie

Category: Catherine Birnie
Number of Items: 2
· Top QC calls for Catherine Birnie's release
· Serial killer Catherine Birnie denied parole again
Keith Jesperson

Category: Keith Jesperson
Number of Items: 1
· Guilt by association - killers' families speak
Mass Murder

Category: Mass Murder
Number of Items: 10
· The view through the eyes of a mass murderer
· 13 dead in mass shooting at Washington DC Navy yard
· Killer executed after losing mental illness appeals
· Six dead in Santa Monica shooting rampage
· Oregon teen to be charged with attempted murder over 'conspiring
· 5 shot to death in small Illinois town
· Six dead in Russia shooting spree
· Seattle apartment shootings leave five dead
· Serbia mourns after 13 killed in ‘monstrous’ bloodbath
· Mass murder rampage in Raipur
Curtis Dean Anderson

Category: Curtis Dean Anderson
Number of Items: 1
· FBI seeks public input on possible Vallejo serial killer

Category: dog
Number of Items: 1
· Is a Serial Dog Murderer on the Loose?

Category: H.H.Holmes
Number of Items: 1
· Chilling tour inside H.H.Holmes' "Murder Castle"
Henry Louis Wallace

Category: Henry Louis Wallace
Number of Items: 1
· Looking back at Charlotte serial killer's reign of terror
Quintin O'Dell

Category: Quintin O'Dell
Number of Items: 1
· Survivor of would-be serial killer shares horrifying tale
Noah Cuebas

Category: Noah Cuebas
Number of Items: 1
· Long journey back for serial killer survivor
Missing children

Category: Missing children
Number of Items: 1
· Three missing Ohio women found after a decade held captive

Category: Dexter
Number of Items: 2
· Dexter made him kill his mother?
· 'Wanabe Dexter' has unlimited access to his hero on in-cell TV
Medical Murder

Category: Medical Murder
Number of Items: 3
· 'Serial killer' movie project launches via crowdfunding
· Sydney nurse pleads guilty to 11 counts of murder
· Abortion doctor found guilty of murdering 3 babies
Richard Ramirez

Category: Richard Ramirez
Number of Items: 3
· The neice of Rsmirez talks about her uncle and his death
· Ramirez death was as a result of liver failure
· 'Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez dead at San Quentin
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Category: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Number of Items: 19
· Accused Boston bomber admitted role in attack, prosecutors say
· Prosecutors: Tsarnaevs used Christmas lights to make bomb fuses
· FBI aimed snipers' rifles at accused Boston bomber's friends: agent
· Defense says bombing suspect's family key to case
· Russia warned U.S. about Boston Marathon bomb suspect Tsarnaev: report
· Marathon suspect seeks dismissal of some charges
· Tsarnaev seeks to have some charges dismissed
· Marathon suspect lawyers say FBI too intrusive
· US prosecutors seek death penalty of marathon suspect
· Tsarnaev death penalty decision coming by Friday, Holder says
· More
Dennis Nilsen

Category: Dennis Nilsen
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Dennis Nilsen 2

Category: Dennis Nilsen 2
Number of Items: 3
· Fury as murderer Nilsen's 'pornographic' book is published online
· Dennis Nilsen's "house of horrors" up for sale
· Dennis Nilsen contacts play producer: says "I'm just an old geezer"
Highway 16 - Highway of Tears

Category: Highway 16 - Highway of Tears
Number of Items: 1
· "Significant development" reported in 'Highway of Tears' investigation
Highway of Tears sign

Category: Highway of Tears sign
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Ripper Jayanandan

Category: Ripper Jayanandan
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer escapes with cellmate from Kerala prison
Nathaniel Code

Category: Nathaniel Code
Number of Items: 1
· Shreveport serial killer sues over conditions on Angola's death row

Category: India
Number of Items: 7
· police suspect ‘psycho serial killer’ in rape and murder of 7-yr-old
· Indian serial killer and his family get life for murder
· Suspected cannibal serial killer caught 'hunting for prey' in joint police operation
· Serial killer Dilip Lahariya fit to face trial
· Delhi gang rape: Four sentenced to death
· Dangerous and free: 'Serial killer rapist' has police on edge
· Kolhapur fears serial killer as toll reaches 9
James 'Whitey' Bulger

Category: James 'Whitey' Bulger
Number of Items: 7
· Johnny Depp Looks Unrecognizable As James 'Whitey' Bulger In 'Black Mass'
· Relatives want say at 'Whitey' Bulger's sentencing
· Boston mob boss Bulger merits 'no mercy,' two life terms: prosecutors
· High life brought low: Jury finds 'Whitey' Bulger guilty in killings, racketeering
· 'Whitey' Bulger witness delivered stepdaughter to be murdered
· 'Whitey' Bulger imitates machine gun, talks about a killing in recorded jail visit
· James 'Whitey' Bulger hit man claims he was "not a serial killer"
John Robert Williams

Category: John Robert Williams
Number of Items: 1
· Accused Serial Killer Charged With Metro Teen's Slaying
Albert DeSalvo

Category: Albert DeSalvo
Number of Items: 2
· ‘Boston Strangler’ detective would be pleased, daughter says
· Confessed Boston Strangler’s body exhumed
Lewis S. Lent Jr

Category: Lewis S. Lent Jr
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer confesses to 1992 child murder
The Law

Category: The Law
Number of Items: 2
· State parole officials probe monitoring of accused O.C. serial killers
· Can "Stand your ground" law create legal serial killers?
Dr. Anthony Joseph Garcia

Category: Dr. Anthony Joseph Garcia
Number of Items: 2
· Fearing more killings, police pounced to arrest Garcia
· Living next door to an alleged serial killer

Category: Prostitutes
Number of Items: 2
· Serial killer’s shadow looms over hearings on anti-prostitution bill
· Atlantic City authorities eye persons of interest in unsolved prostitute murders
Ivan Milat

Category: Ivan Milat
Number of Items: 2
· The day I met Ivan Milat
· Peter Letcher may be serial killer Ivan Milat's eighth victim
Michael Madison

Category: Michael Madison
Number of Items: 9
· Michael Madison case locked in appellate fight over psycological exam
· Suspected East Cleveland serial killer in court
· Alleged serial killer Michael Madison pleaded 'not guilty' in 2nd arraignment
· Ohio suspect in serial killings may face death sentence
· Alleged serial killer waives right to speedy trial
· Photos of evidence released in accused serial killer case
· Additional charges for Ohio 'serial killer'
· Who is Michael Madison?
· Ohio suspected serial killer Michael Madison charged
Japanese murder

Category: Japanese murder
Number of Items: 1
· Japanese police hunt haiku-writing serial killer
Gary Lee Sampson

Category: Gary Lee Sampson
Number of Items: 3
· Date set for Gary Lee Sampson death penalty hearings
· Prosecutors again seek death penalty for serial killer
· Serial killer facing death penalty will get new sentencing hearing
South Africa

Category: South Africa
Number of Items: 11
· Suspect in miner murder "could be serial killer"
· Serial killer's apology is "too little too late"
· South African serial killer sentenced to life
· Serial killer apologises but blames his victims
· Kisumu ‘serial killer’ pleads not guilty
· South African serial killer gets life
· Serial killer pleads guilty to 20 murders
· ‘Death Village’ serial killer trial begins
· "Serial killer" loose in Pretoria
· Gauteng cops hunt suspected serial killer
· More

Category: China
Number of Items: 1
· Yunnan serial killer gets death penalty
Thomas Quick

Category: Thomas Quick
Number of Items: 2
· Killer to stay behind bars
· Sweden’s worst serial killer no more: All murder charges dropped
Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate

Category: Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate
Number of Items: 1
· Starkweather's ex-girlfriend who went along on '58 killing spree critically injured in wreck

Category: Surveillance
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killers and the surveillance state
International crime

Category: International crime
Number of Items: 23
· Masvingo poison mum ‘a serial killer’
· Italy's scariest serial killer returns?
· Naked woman's body found 'crucified' and hanging from bridge
· Pakistani serial killer 'wanted to teach gays a lesson'
· Nigerian police arrest notorious serial killer and gangsters
· Mushin violence: Police arrest alleged serial killer, others
· The cowboy called Tex: Dark secrets of deadly serial killer
· Brazilian child killer gets 108 years
· 28 dead and 113 injured after gang attack train station in China
· 'Serial killer' probe tarnishes Brazilian hospital
· More
Anatoly Onoprienko

Category: Anatoly Onoprienko
Number of Items: 2
· Death of a maniac: 12 facts about Anatoly Onoprienko
· Ukrainian beast taken down by heart attack
Ariel Castro

Category: Ariel Castro
Number of Items: 1
· Ariel Castro commits suicide in his cell
Oakland County Child Killings (OCCK)

Category: Oakland County Child Killings (OCCK)
Number of Items: 1
· Investigation into possible OCCK car continues
Original Night Stalker

Category: Original Night Stalker
Number of Items: 1
· Police seek public help to identify 'Original Night Stalker'
Dorothea Puente

Category: Dorothea Puente
Number of Items: 1
· Home of Dorothea Puente opens as a tourist attraction
Jason Scott

Category: Jason Scott
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer Jason Scott enters Alford plea.
John Joubert

Category: John Joubert
Number of Items: 1
· Author sues to get serial killer's drawings released
News Flash (Muppet)

Category: News Flash (Muppet)
Number of Items: 1
· Woman can break lease at suspected killer's home
News Flash 2

Category: News Flash 2
Number of Items: 1
· Police shoot, kill driver after Capitol Hill chase
Cat crime

Category: Cat crime
Number of Items: 2
· 25 cats found hanging from trees
· The alarming case of a serial cat killer
Death penalty

Category: Death penalty
Number of Items: 3
· Texas Executes Illegal Alien Serial Killer
· Ohio execution snafu points to flaws in lethal injection
· Naso's death sentence revives capital punishment debate
Jeffrey Cutlip

Category: Jeffrey Cutlip
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer admits 3 Multnomah murders

Category: Movies
Number of Items: 2
· David Arquette as the Happy Face Killer
· Tarantino: Why I'll never make a serial killer movie
Call Batman

Category: Call Batman
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Funny side of crime

Category: Funny side of crime
Number of Items: 1
· Man convicted of slaying 7 awarded nearly $500K
Peter Brown

Category: Peter Brown
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer Peter Brown expected to die in jail after he confesses to third murder
Keep calm and call Batman

Category: Keep calm and call Batman
Number of Items: 1
· Serial Killer Thinking Of Interesting Ways To Incorporate Social Media
Joseph P Franklin

Category: Joseph P Franklin
Number of Items: 3
· Whie supremist serial killer executed
· Killer fueled by racial hate set to be executed
· Larry Flynt against execution of serial killer who paralysed him
In court

Category: In court
Number of Items: 4
· SC couple who killed sex offender act out in court
· Hoddle St killer Julian Knight continues battle for computer after being labelled vexatious litigant
· Accused serial killer, attorney, investigator indicted
· Sunderland serial killer won’t go in witness box
Steven Grieveson

Category: Steven Grieveson
Number of Items: 2
· Steven Grieveson found guilty of fourth murder
· Serial killer gang raped while working as a rent-boy
Guy Heinze Jr.

Category: Guy Heinze Jr.
Number of Items: 3
· Ga. man gets life sentence in beating deaths of 8
· Ga. man guilty of killing 8 won't get death penalty
· Ga. trial flashes back to 1887 mass slaying of 9
Joseph Naso 2

Category: Joseph Naso 2
Number of Items: 1
· Naso denied sentencing delay; Marin seeks payback
Genene Jones

Category: Genene Jones
Number of Items: 1
· Moms fight to keep convicted baby serial killer in prison
Anthony Ciancia

Category: Anthony Ciancia
Number of Items: 1
· One dead as gunman opens fire at LA airport
Vigilante Justice

Category: Vigilante Justice
Number of Items: 1
· 'Subway vigilante' Bernard Goetz arrested in undercover drug bust

Category: Knife
Number of Items: 2
· House party horror: Five dead after 'horrific' knife attack in Canada
· Norway bus hijacker kills 3 with knife: Police
Joanna Dennehy

Category: Joanna Dennehy
Number of Items: 2
· Norfolk detective plays key part in capture of Dennehy
· Dennehy stands by guilty plea to three brutal murders

Category: media
Number of Items: 1
· Donal MacIntyre's Crime World: How serial killers build their brand
Dr Anthony Garcia

Category: Dr Anthony Garcia
Number of Items: 2
· Accused serial killer doctor says jail is causing "significant hardships"
· Dr Anthony Garcia back in court; 'Now he's angry,' attorney says
Rose West

Category: Rose West
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer Rose West 'furious' at prison gym shower ban
Dennis Rader

Category: Dennis Rader
Number of Items: 2
· Politician Claims His Earmarks Helped Catch A Serial Killer
· Investigator of BTK serial killer dies at 59
Joanna Dennehy 2

Category: Joanna Dennehy 2
Number of Items: 4
· 'I lied to save REAL murderer': Serial killer claims she took rap for fatal stabbing she didn't commit
· Dennehy's ex-boyfriend says she should face the death penalty because she will "love prison"
· Serial killer Joanna Dennehy laughs in the dock while receiving whole-life sentence
· Two accomplices of Joanna Dennehy appear in court
Crimefighting Technology 2

Category: Crimefighting Technology 2
Number of Items: 1
· Microsoft lawyer was asked to help stop a serial killer
Crime online

Category: Crime online
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.

Category: Execution
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Execution 2

Category: Execution 2
Number of Items: 1
· "Inhumane" says Ohio execution witness
Miranda Barbour

Category: Miranda Barbour
Number of Items: 4
· Miranda Barbour's Sister: She Is Lying About Murder
· Pa. Craigslist killing suspect's dad: She's a liar
· Desperate for answers, some cling to Barbour killing claims
· Newlywed admits Craigslist killing, at least 22 others
James Brown

Category: James Brown
Number of Items: 1
· Man convicted of killing 4 women from escort site

Category: Canada
Number of Items: 4
· Serial killer's lawyer calls trial 'bewildering'
· New charges mean Dellen Millard is now an accused serial killer
· Boxing in a serial killer
· Book claims up to 5 Canadian serial killers could still be alive and free
Female killers

Category: Female killers
Number of Items: 2
· Florida mom's trial over death of 2 kids begins
· On the trail of serial killer Mary Cotton's letters
Donna (was Douglas) Perry

Category: Donna (was Douglas) Perry
Number of Items: 2
· Transgender Defense: 'Donna' Says 'Doug' Is the Spokane Serial Killer
· Suspected serial killer back in Spokane
Miranda Barbour 2

Category: Miranda Barbour 2
Number of Items: 0
· There are no news items in this category.
Fred West

Category: Fred West
Number of Items: 1
· Fred West: "I brought my two hands up and grabbed her around the neck"
Jose Manuel Martinez

Category: Jose Manuel Martinez
Number of Items: 1
· California man confesses to 40 killings
Byron David Smith & victims

Category: Byron David Smith & victims
Number of Items: 1
· Minn. man who shot, killed teens heads to trial
Megan Huntsman

Category: Megan Huntsman
Number of Items: 4
· Police give motive in dead baby case
· Utah police seize furniture in dead babies case
· Many questions about mom accused in infant deaths
· Utah woman arrested after 7 dead babies found
Edward Wayne Edwards

Category: Edward Wayne Edwards
Number of Items: 1
· 'The most prolific serial killer you've never heard of'
Frazier Glenn Cross

Category: Frazier Glenn Cross
Number of Items: 2
· Suspect in Kansas City Jewish center killings appears in court
· Kansas Jewish center shooting suspect asks court for delay
William "Bill" Suff

Category: William "Bill" Suff
Number of Items: 1
· William Suff death penalty upheld
Scout Dekraai

Category: Scout Dekraai
Number of Items: 1
· Lawyer: Man will plead guilty to killings at salon
Lethal injection

Category: Lethal injection
Number of Items: 1
· Oklahoma's botched lethal injection marks new front in battle over executions

Category: Australia
Number of Items: 2
· Legislation change could convict serial killer
· Parliamentary inquiry looking into 1990 murders of 3 Aboriginals children
Serial Killer Art

Category: Serial Killer Art
Number of Items: 3
· Judge orders release of John Joubert’s graphic drawings
· Court weighs release of serial killer’s drawings
· Crazy serial killer cat painting lady
Monster of Florence

Category: Monster of Florence
Number of Items: 1
· 'New' Monster of Florence brings back memories of notorious serial killer
Aaron Hernandez

Category: Aaron Hernandez
Number of Items: 6
· Aaron Hernandez taken to hospital
· Ex-Patriot Aaron Hernandez seeks jail transfer
· Aaron Hernandez challenges evidence in murder case
· Murder ink? Tattoos can be tricky as evidence
· Prosecutor: Hernandez killed 2 after drink spilled
· Hernandez more "gangster" than serial killer

Category: Filicide
Number of Items: 1
· Three Little Girls Found Dead in Torrance-Area Home; Mother Arrested
Gregory Breeden

Category: Gregory Breeden
Number of Items: 1
· One-time suspected serial killer found dead
Elliot Rogers

Category: Elliot Rogers
Number of Items: 5
· Father of California mass killer never knew 'the monster' in son
· Parents of Elliot Rodger's 1st 3 victims speak out
· Father blames government 'idiots' as California town mourns killings
· Sheriffs never saw menacing videos before rampage
· Sheriff: Calif. gunman killed 3 people at home
Cedric Mcginnis

Category: Cedric Mcginnis
Number of Items: 1
· Man, 22, Charged In Deaths Of 3 Women Found In North Texas Home
Billy Glaze

Category: Billy Glaze
Number of Items: 1
· Lawyers: DNA tests show Minn. serial killer Billy Glaze innocent

Category: Snitch
Number of Items: 1
· The OC Serial Killer Who Became the County's Top Snitch
William Clyde Gibson

Category: William Clyde Gibson
Number of Items: 1
· Serial killer's guilty plea shocks prosecution
Christopher Halliwell

Category: Christopher Halliwell
Number of Items: 1
· EXCLUSIVE: Detectives discover SECRET LAIR of serial killer taxi driver
Gregory Scott Hale

Category: Gregory Scott Hale
Number of Items: 1
· Accused Killer Posted About Cannibalism, Serial Killer On Facebook
Chester Turner

Category: Chester Turner
Number of Items: 2
· Jury decides death for convicted serial killer Chester Dewayne Turner
· LA's 'most prolific' serial killer is found guilty of killing another four
Joshua Wade

Category: Joshua Wade
Number of Items: 1
· Authorities: Joshua Wade admits to 3 additional killings
Steven Zelich

Category: Steven Zelich
Number of Items: 10
· Wisconsin man pleads not guilty in suitcase bodies case
· Suspect in suitcase deaths had unethical side job
· Zelich case moves forward
· Suitcase bodies suspect dodged discipline as cop
· Wisconsin ex-cop said deaths of women in luggage an accident
· Wis. man accused of hiding corpses in suitcases due in court
· Woman claimed Steven Zelich tried to rape her
· Second victim identified in Wisconsin "suitcase murders"
· Bond set at $1M for ex-cop in suitcase deaths
· Former West Allis cop charged with hiding bodies in suitcases
South America

Category: South America
Number of Items: 1
· Mexican Child Serial Killer Suspect, Confesses To 5 Murders

Category: Russia
Number of Items: 1
· Escaped Russian Serial Killer Caught in Ukraine
Alix Tichelman

Category: Alix Tichelman
Number of Items: 1
· Ex-boyfriend of 'Call Girl Killer' reveals details of "frantic" phone call
Mark A. Smith

Category: Mark A. Smith
Number of Items: 1
· Confessed serial killer up for parole
Joseph Ntshongwana

Category: Joseph Ntshongwana
Number of Items: 1
· South Afircan "axeman" must be treated as a serial killer
Charles Manson

Category: Charles Manson
Number of Items: 1
· Manson's father-in-law-to-be speaks out
None-Categorised News
Number of Items: 18
· Serial killer movie's first person perspective deemed 'harmful'
· Alleged Etan Patz killer indicted, authorities say
· Belanglo remains are likely to be a German backpacker
· UK 'Ripper' defends Savile
· The DJ and the Ripper - Were Savile and Sutcliffe's crimes linked?
· Ex-cop serial killer scheduled For execution
· Dismemberment makes Austin Sigg "a rarity"
· Serial killer takes on government
· Stay of execution for Florida man who killed 8.
· Bonnie and Clyde's guns go up for auction
· More
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July 18 2014 21:32
It's not the first time I got something interesting in a serial killer book off amazon. I got some murder groupie's lipstick smeared kiss on the inside cover of a book on Westley Allan Dodd.

July 18 2014 18:49
a happy extra-added bonus, for sure Cool

July 18 2014 16:37
So, a book in the mail came from amazon today signed by Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment manager. Interesting surprise considering I only spent $4 total on the book.

July 18 2014 16:33

July 16 2014 13:36
howdy all!!!!!!!

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